What connections does the d10 have?

The d10 has a single 8 pin M12 wired connector. Power (anything from 9 to 18v) is provided to the d10 via this connection. A cable is included.

There are the following options for connecting sensors to the d10.

Wired connections:

1: The pulse signal from a paddlewheel such as the Airmar ST300 or Signet 2526 can be connected directly to the d10.

2: 2x NMEA0183 devices can be connected at 38,400 and 4,800 BAUD. Typically this is used for the speed and depth from a triducer and a mast head unit such as the B&G310

A separate converter cable can be used to connect the d10 to NMEA2000.

Wireless connections:

IN: The d10 can connect to a WiFi Access Point and receive NMEA0183. We recommend the Digital Yacht iNAVconnect

OUT: The d10 can act as a WiFi Access Point for other devices sending NMEA0183 or Signal K v1 delta JSON. The d10 sends all the NMEA it receives and sentences for the internal GPS, compass and an analogue paddlewheel.

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