Install kit: d10 with a DST800 depth and speed triducer

Included with the d10:

  • racegeek d10
  • 3m drop cable with right angle 8 pin female Type A M12 plug
  • Cradle
  • Airmar DST800 Smart Sensor 0183 version (Airmar ref 44-072-2-01)
Other parts:
  • Scanstrut deck gland (Scanstrut ref DS-H6 or DS21B-P)
  • Actisense T-connector (Actisense ref A2K-T-MFF)
  • Actisense Male field fit x2 (Actisense ref A2K-FFC-SM)
  • Actisense Female field fit (Actisense ref A2K-FFC-SF)

Battery (if required):

  • Milwaukee M12 Charger and Portable Power Source (Milwaukee ref 48-59-1201)
  • Milwaukee M12 REDLITHIUM 3.0 Compact Battery Pack (Milwaukee ref 48-11-2430)
  • 1A inline fuse and holder
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