What do I need to install the d10 and a paddle wheel?

To install the d10 you will need:

  • racegeek d10
  • 8 pin female Type A M12 cable (included)
  • Scanstrut deck gland

If you don't have a battery already:

  • 9-15v 3-6000mAh battery. (Google "Lithium Car Jump Starter Battery").
  • Cable and connector for the battery (if one doesn't come with the battery)
  • Dry box for the battery, such as an Otterbox (check the internal dimensions to make sure your battery will fit)
  • A gland for the dry box (included with d10)

To add a paddle wheel you will need:

  • Airmar ST300/800/850 paddle wheel or DST800 Smart Sensor (0183 version)
  • racegeek j10 junction box
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